"My God, you two are the only ones left. Once you're gone, Draconicu will be mine. And it'll be three lands won to two lands lost, and after I win Sinummer I'll come back for all of them else, and Zyaka will be mine."
—Willius Icefire Dragon Dwell, page 226
Willius Icefire
Vital statistics
Title Pureheart
Gender Male
Occupation Pureheart
Home Sinummer
Books appeared in Blue Sty, Red Flower, Sparrow, Cross, Tea Party, Dragon Dwell

Willius Icefire, also known as simply Icefire, is one of the Purehearts and is the main villain for the first and third arcs of Markings, wanting to unify all the lands of Zyaka and take control of them all. He has unnatural eyes as blue as ice, long blond hair reaching to his shoulders, and pale white skin.


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Blue Sty Edit

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