"The fire seemed to be eating away life; it was blurring, and he felt like his heart was bursting out of his ribs. Every step he took was painful, every breath like his throat was filled with ashes."
— A description of the fire on Sparrow while Basil is rescuing Ovvelot to Basil in Sparrow, page 112
Author Anthony Avram
Illustrator Pooch and Sweetheart
Publication date Unknown
Published by HarperCollins
ISBN Unknown
Publication Order
Preceded by
Red Flower
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Katto Ortinus is sent to a magical school--Incisor A. Sparrow Academy, where he is chosen to be in the class of Professor Drastic, an ugly, green-faced, bare-footed, literal troll. 

He begins to have his suspicions about his new teacher, and what about Headmaster McPinna? He makes many friends, learns new magicks, and recieves a mystifying prophecy as well. But Katto needs to figure out the true secret about Sparrow, and ends up figuring out something unexpected. 

Meanwhile, Basil Levus, Katto's best friend, goes on a search to find his lost brother, Teddi Mous, who supposedly died, but was revealed to be alive not long ago... 

Detailed Plot Summary

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