'Petals big enough to crush five people! A single petal! Thorn-sharp roots able to kill a person! This would be impossible to do!
Katto's thoughts on the Red Flower to Basil in Red Flower, page 185
Red Flower(novel)
Author Anthony Avram
Illustrator Pooch and Sweetheart
Publication date Unknown
Published by HarperCollins
ISBN Unknown
Publication Order
Preceded by
Blue Sty
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Red Flower is the second book in Markings.



On their next adventure, Katto Ortinus, Basil Levus, and Lewis Daniel go on a quest through Egyt to travel from Region VII, Patrika, to Region II, Sukaka, where they have to stop Icefire from letting the strong, bloodthirsty Red Flower destroy all of Egyt.

But along the way, they run into greater problems, including fighting for their lives in an arena, finding out the secret of a magician, finding Juliea Zakahmat, and surviving through the deadly fields of Incariya--but they only have days left before Egyt is destroyed.

With the help of a Starseer--one of great trust, who can also tell the future by seeing stars--they discover that a great betrayal is in store for them. And just who is that black man that seems to follow them wherever they go?

Detailed Plot Summary

Katto Ortinus, Basil Levus, and Lewis Daniel prepare to go to a funeral at Ston Church for Nuzzle Cobra and other fallen men. While there, they notice a mysterious black man watching them. The man objects to Nuzzle's death, saying Nuzzle has merely shed blood, but his prediction is wrong. The black man continues to say that Nuzzle is certainly dead, but Teddi Mous is believed to be alive.

Basil and Katto run off to Ares, where Basil tells the story of what happened after they seperated at Buder's Wood--entering the land of Nurz, meeting a man named Rayne, and discovering a dragon named Jotu, who tried to kill Basil. Basil further explains how Icefire plans to save the Red Flower from destruction, and try to destroy all of Egyt using its terrifying abilities. The Red Flower resides in Sukaka, where Basil plans to go. Lewis has made his way to Region IV, Erakus, and Basil and Katto set off on their journey to destroy the Red Flower, planning to catch up with him later.

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