Hori Zakahmat
Vital statistics
Title Seeker
Gender Male
Occupation Seeker of Ades
Home Egyt
Fate Killed by Fafooa
Books appeared in Red Flower, Sparrow, Cross

Hori Zakahmat was the former Seeker of the pyramid Ades, where Katto and Basil lived. He helped Katto and Basil find the Red Flower in Egyt, and is Katto's godfather; also the father of Katto's girlfriend Juliea


Blue Sty

Hori does not make a formal appearance in this book but is mentioned in Egyt as the current Seeker of the pyramid Ades. He is mentioned as dark-skinned, with a face oddly like a monkey.

Red Flower

This is the first formal appearance of Hori. His father is mentioned to be captured by the light of the moon and shapeshifted into a raven, hinting to be Icefire. He is first seen in the funeral as a man dressed all in black, and is seen again in Coradnitoungze. He is nearly killed by Fafooa, until he reveals himself as Hori. He gets caught in a rock shift and escapes the Fields of Incariya. Here Katto meets Hori's daughter, Juliea, and falls in love with her. After reuniting with Hori, who talks with Warthing Scoprio, they go into a forest, where they get captured by Shallow Quinnby and Forrest Julewes. Katto is able to save Hori's life. As they run to Sukaka, Hori gets into a battle with Forrest in which Forrest gets attacked and hurt. After the five(Katto, Basil, Hori, Juliea, Lewis)reach the Wine n' Dine, Hori is part of the four that will go and destroy the Red Flower. After Katto sneaks out, Hori holds down the flower so that Katto can cut it down. He falls into the water and becomes injured. Soon after Patrika is destroyed, Katto and Basil say good-bye to Hori.


Hori is only seen in the prologue, running away from a mine attack. Teddi Mous is with him, as well as Warthing Scorpio.


This marks the last appearence of Hori. He loses his Seeker status to Warthing in this book. After Katto and Basil destroy Icefire and Basil becomes heir to the Cross, in the epilouge Fafooa kills him and is last seen running away, into the street.

Tea Party

Hori is mentioned, and Katto wondered if Icefire was the cause of his death, or even someone else.


"Where will they attack from?"
—Hori asking where the mines would attack from Sparrow, page 1
"Oh, in the name of Ryzukia shall it happen now? A rock shift!"
—Hori when a rock shift starts Red Flower, page 71
"It has no value, but has worth. It has nothing, but has something. It is needed, yet it is not needed."
—Hori when telling Katto about a monty's panning. Red Flower, page 83


  • Hori is the only Seeker to have been Seekers of two pyramids: Ades, and Shins.
  • Hori has a lesser known son, Fafooa Icefire, who ran away at the age of fifteen to become a magician, changing his last name to Fafooa.
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